With the full source code so you can build one yourself too

Our bot playing music on Discord — Image by author

In this tutorial, we’ll make a discord bot that can play music in the voice channels. Discord is an instant messaging and digital distribution platform designed for creating communities. Users can easily enter chat rooms, initiate video calls, and create multiple groups for messaging friends.

We’ll skip the basics and jump straight over to the music playing part. Check out the following Medium article to catch up on the basics of setting up your bot:

The final result, our bot playing music on the voice channel, will look like this:

Problem Statement : You are given a string of length N and a parameter k. The string can be manipulated by taking one of the first k letters and moving it to the end.

Write a program to determine the lexicographically smallest string that can be created after an unlimited number of moves.

For example, suppose we are given the string daily and k = 1. The best we can create in this case is ailyd.

Here, we are only interested in the final string as result and not in the number of moves it takes. So after a checking…

Hello geeks,
I’m currently a 3rd year Computer Science Undergrad at NIT Rourkela and I’ve happened to see many people of my age in my field overly obsess over CP(Competitive Programming). While its no doubt that CP is one of the definitive ways to strengthen your data structures and algorithms skills, its definitely not a silver bullet to ace your coding interviews.( P.S : there is no silver bullet :) )
In fact, strong knowledge of data structures and algorithms is just one of the many skills companies look for in incoming software engineers. So...well what are the rest?


Rohan Krishna Ullas

Computer Science Undergrad at NIT Rourkela

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